Coming Out of the Closet


I am so happy to finally


I, Luke, am openly



Just a human going through a process of self-discovery & manifestation.

20 thoughts on “Coming Out of the Closet

    1. Don’t feel sad. There’s a huge community of people for LGBT individuals. It can be tough but just remember the people that care, care so much!


    1. Lol thank you! Well there are lots of bi/pan people who blur the lines, and I wanted to respect bi/pan ppl by emphasizing that I am not one of them, that I personally am 100% strictly homosexual. U know?


    1. Loving your content sm—keep being the awesome and empowering person you are! I was a bit ignorant about trans & non-binary issues for a long time, but after I came out as gay I soon started to meet more trans people and hear about their lives. I know it’s hard out there but just know that you have my FULL and unconditional support! And happy pride month! It’s time everyone (in and out of the LGBTQ community) puts in their full share of effort to support LGBTQ people other than just gays like me! I’ll keep up with your posts and keep supporting ya in the future! 💕🏳️‍🌈😇


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