Hi! I’m Luke. You may have seen me at lukeatkins.com. But this blog concerns LGBTQ life (I deleted my old ~gay + drag~ blog bc it got trashy ugh). Anyway, after 20 years of hating myself & being in denial, I began to accept that I’m homosexual in 2017. I fell madly and totally in love with a dude at my college. Now, after lots of tears and Grindr dates and boyfriends, I’m dating a new guy. Still hate myself, but it’s better. Anyway, I may not be into women, but don’t forget that I am a strong feminist! Omg just so excited to finally be me now tho. I’ll record my progress here—along with poetry, dating/hookup stories, drag pics, & stuff like that. Love y’all (especially my beautiful girliesss)! 🏳️‍🌈💅❤️

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