What is Your Sexual Orientation?

I am just curious as to how the WordPress community falls along these lines! Personally, I am exclusively into men and am thus 100% strictly homosexual, but I know that most people (and even most LGBTQ people) tend to lie somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum. Take these two tests below! IDR LabsContinue reading “What is Your Sexual Orientation?”

A Gay Guy’s Guide to Drag

Have at least $300 to spend on clothes. Make sure to have an Amazon account (preferably get Amazon Prime as well). Time to buy sexy lingerie, bitches! Make sure u know ur sizes in women’s lingerie. Underwear – Hot stretchy cotton briefs & panties, boyshorts, and a few thongs. Shorts – Dolphin shorts and bootyContinue reading “A Gay Guy’s Guide to Drag”

Drag Queen Life

Hiii cuties! Sometimes I feel a lil trapped inside a box when it comes to being a homosexual man and all of its stereotypes. Some nights I just want to be a str8 girl and not have to deal with all that and just be a cute n fun n flirty lady—and be free, andContinue reading “Drag Queen Life”

Happy Pride Month From Your Favorite Homosexual Boi

Hi, everyone! This is my VERY FIRST PRIDE where I can finally say that I am openly gay and proud! It took me a long time to accept that I’m attracted to men and it took even longer to accept that I am 100%, exclusively, strictly into men only and not any women (which forcedContinue reading “Happy Pride Month From Your Favorite Homosexual Boi”

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