Drag Queen Life

Hiii cuties! Sometimes I feel a lil trapped inside a box when it comes to being a homosexual man and all of its stereotypes. Some nights I just want to be a str8 girl and not have to deal with all that and just be a cute n fun n flirty lady—and be free, and get past the gender dysphoria, and thrive as a trans girl—but at others I recognize that I’m more comfortable as a gay man and that this alternate scenario is just a lil fantasy. Idk. Others, whether gay men or trans girls or non-binary people or whatever, might have very different experiences. That’s 100% valid. But mine is what it is. I guess I’ll keep experimenting with gender (no assumptions or preconceived notions) and see how things pan out! ❤️⚡️🏳️‍🌈


Just a human going through a process of self-discovery & manifestation.

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